Friday, August 19, 2016

Wisconsin MFL & FCL Land Open To Hunting

The Wisconsin DNR has updated it's list and maps of Managed Forest Lands and Forest Crop Lands open to public hunting in 2016. The maps are designed to provide users with an easy point and click interface to finding hunting land in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin residents can use FCL lands for either hunting or fishing. This includes gun deer hunting, bow deer hunting, waterfowl, turkey, small game and predators. Open class MFL land can be used for fishing, hunting, bird watching and cross country skiing.

Hunting Property Map For WisconsinCertain counties in WI have more MFL and FCL lands available for use. And it's important to understand that using these lands for other purposes such as timber harvest, ATVing etc is prohibited unless land owner permission has been granted.

With the popularity of gun deer hunting on land in Wisconsin, it's a good rule of thumb to scope out a particular plot of land prior to showing up with your orange on. Much of this land is hunted by the land owners, especially during the gun deer season. Things like stand placement, hunter location etc may need to be worked out with the land owner beforehand in order to avoid any problems during the actual hunting season.

No one wants to show up on their deer hunting land on opening morning to discover another hunter has set up shop 50 yards away in an adjacent tree. Working things out in advance is a great way to ensure a safe deer hunt that everyone can enjoy!

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