Monday, August 15, 2016

Central Wisconsin Deer Population Looks Good

With September right around the corner many land and hunters are reporting high deer sightings with many does seen followed by fawns. Last year's mild winter in the south was seen as a great chance for the whitetail herd to continue to make a come back.

48084-05598-3224908While concerns of CWD continue to linger with percentages of deer with the disease on the rise in all areas, especially in mature bucks, the overall outlook looks promising for the 2016 deer season.

Blue tongue is also a concern in some areas of the state which saw major impact in several hot zones. Blue tongue is spread by a midge which arises from the soil and infects deer, rendering them feverish and with lingering appetites. In some cases the tongue will hang out and turn blue as the animal dies near water.

Blue tongue seems to hit specific areas quite hard, oftentimes wiping out entire herds of deer. Luckily the disease appears to be rather rare, although increasing temperatures due to climate change seem to be increasing the survival rates of the insects over the winter.

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